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Importance of Music Education 

For decades, music was an important part of the school day for each and every child in India. Nearly every classroom in the nation’s elementary schools had a Harmonium and most teachers were able to sing simple songs so that the students could sing along to their favorites. Learning patriotic songs, like the National Anthem, was a must and religious songs were sometimes included in the collection, even in public schools. Students looked forward to performing in concerts and showing off their talents. 

Today, the trend towards cutting funds for music programs is an alarming one. While athletics are rarely touched, music is often the first to go. Elementary students no longer have the opportunity to learn an instrument or sing in a chorus. Because of that, programs in middle and high schools are affected and soon eliminated as well.  

What a shame! More and more scientific studies have touted the advantages of a music education and the reasons for saving these programs, yet unless parents make a fuss about cutbacks, little is done to spare them. 

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